Intel 8080 Emulator 1.3

Source:Graham Jolley

This app is free and does not send you a single ad! It doesn't store your IP address or any other information about you whatsoever!

This is an emulator for the Intel 8080, possibly the most popular CPU of the 1970s (personally I preferred the 6502). To prove the emulator works, here it executes the original Space Invaders program that was first released in 1978. It is remarkable that a current mobile phone is now sophisticated enough to emulate another CPU and execute object code for that CPU at a reasonable speed. Why not run the BASIC interpreter for the 8080 or even an old version of DOS! Perhaps not today, but in 2 to 5 years I am certain this will be possible.

This code was originally developed by Thibault Imbert ( This code ran perfectly on my PC but was EXTREMELY slow on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. All I've done is a bit of "tweaking", and added a few buttons - all credit to Thibault!

This app is NOT for you if you are looking for an ultra fast implementation of Space Invaders, possibly with lots of 'improved' features. That is not its intention. Don't forget this app is primarily an emulator for the Intel 8080 CPU. Here it just so happens to be running the original Space Invaders object code.

A note about colour: The original game ran in monochrome, all the objects were white on a black background. The illusion of colour (the green protective bunkers) was obtained using green cellophane strips!

I apologise, but I am not in a position to supply you all with green cellophane strips to stick on your Android screens to change the colour of the protective bunkers! I will see if this effect can be implemented at screen copy time without slowing things down too much!

PS: don't leave this app running in the background. Stop it, or it will deplete your battery really quickly! I will fix this in an update.

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